Saturday, March 24, 2012


To those who read this on a regular basis - I'm sorry for being so lame as to give you nothing to read.  But here is the latest update.

I have taken a new job working as an urgent care PA.  You might ask what that is...  Then again, you might not.  But I'll tell you anyway.  Urgent care is exactly that - I see patients who walk into the clinic without an appointment and feel they have a minor emergency occurring.  Now, most of this is not actually emergent - a majority if what I see is sinus infections, ear infections in kids, strep throat, etc.  But about 30-40% of my practice is devoted to truly urgent issues: a weekend warrior (that's me!) breaks an ankle while playing flag football in the park; a child has really severe nausea and hasn't been able to keep anything down for over 24 hours and is becoming dehydrated; a dull knife slips...  You get the picture.  Ankle sprains, concussions (without loss of consciousness - that's another story), and the like are welcome in my urgent care.  And sometimes I see much worse stuff, too.  Pneumonia, blood clots in the lungs, heart failure - that kind of thing.  The job is remarkably challenging - I would not have believed myself capable of this pace, but it is remarkably rewarding.  I can take care of 30-40 patients per day and sometimes I'm able to restore them quickly, and naturally the instant gratification is very satisfying. 

So, that's where things are right now professionally.  I'm contemplating another post soon about the first aphorism...  Hopefully it won't be 2-3 months before I get around to it. 

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